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Ballengeer Excavating

Thank you so much for the excellent service and a first class product. After having such a bad experience with another company, we are very happy we switched to Smart Path GPS. My job is so much easier now with the many professional reports available and maintenance records. Thank you for doing everything your company promised!

Chalet: Landscaping, Nursery, & Garden Center

Smart Path GPS has allowed us to increase our supervisors billable time, reward our drivers that are keeping their idle time to a minimum, and train our drivers that are not. We are also able to increase our maintenance crew's efficiency by reducing out-of-route miles. The website is easy to use and the reports are easy to generate and read.

Fleet management software smart path gps

Christy Webber Landscapes

Since we have such a large company, we expect nothing but the best out of our vehicle tracking software applications. We use Smart Path GPS software practically every second of the day. Smart Path GPS fulfills our every need in every possible way, but the best part is their customer service. We rate them a 10/10. That's what business is all about -taking care of your customers.

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Smart Path GPS Fuel Card powered by WEX

Fleet Management Software Smart Path GPS Fuel Card powered by WEX