Live Tracking

Our distictive, web-based tracking software connects to your vehicle for real-time updates. Know where your most important assets are at all times.

Moblie App

Our software integrates with every operating system so you can receive location and status updates on any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Google Maps

We use Google Maps to give you the most efficent dispatching and the most accurate location tool possible. Google Street View is also available.

"Work Smart" Reports

Full Range

We offer a wide range of reports from idling to state mileage. We give you all the necessary information to help increase your company's effeciency.


The dashboard feature consolidates and analyzes all the reports for you! This is readily available for easy viewing and exporting. Keep track of all your drivers' specific targets!


This feature will grade your drivers based on standards and targets you choose. Eliminate bad driving habits with sound, statistical evidence and save your company money!

Fleet Administrator

Scheule Reports

Have reports sent to your desk at your earliest convenience. You have the power to export them via any method.

Preventative Maintenance

Receive alerts to know when your vehicles are due for a check up. Keep wear and tear low while your drivers stay on the road!

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time status and location vehicle alerts on any smartphone, tablet, or computer 24/7.

Specialized Tools

Nearest Vehicle Tool

Easily view the closest vehicle to a customer's location for immediate dispatch. This tool gives step by step directions to your driver.

Destinations Tool

Input any destination and our software will give you and your drivers the most efficient route. Cut down on out-of-route mileage!


Quickly and precisely dispatch any vehicle in your fleet to any destination of your choosing.



Delegate specific employees access to certain reports or features so they don't waste time searching through irrelevant information.


We can set up geo-fences for certain landmarks so you can be alerted when your drivers leave the yard or stay too long in one location.

Driver Divisions

Assign and group your drivers to certain divisons so that they recieve thier specific itinerary without confusion.