Customize Accessibility

Our software gives you the ability to set up unlimited users. You have the power to customize which user has access to which report or tool. By granting permission for your maintenance crew to view engine reports and receive maintenance alerts, you are efficiently distributing information throughout your company. Everyone in your company will have the opportunity to utilize this powerful, first-class software. 


We will be able to customize certain geo-fences for specific locations that you can determine. Through our geo-fence technology you will be alerted when your drivers leave/arrive at their location. By placing a geo-fence around your office/warehouse, you will know exactly when your drivers turn their engines on and leave the yard. Geo-fences can be a powerful anti-theft tool as well as used to determine how much time your drivers are spending in unnecessary locations.

Anti-Theft Status Alert System

Driver Divisions

Be able to group drivers and vehicles into certain divisions. This allows you to customize specific parameters and alerts for different types of vehicles. You can also dispatch, locate, and oversee a specialized portion of your fleet. By categorizing your vehicles, you can delegate jobs easier which leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

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