"Work Smart" Reports - Fleet Management Reports

Identify & eliminate wasteful costs:

Trips & Stops (Itemizes vehicles specific activities each day. Eliminates excuses.)    

Time Card (Documents driver's day from start to finish- includes hourly labor tracking)

Idling (Significantly lower fuel cost by identifying and eliminating wasteful idling)

State Mileage (Automatically generated IFTA reports)

Aggressive driving/ Speeding (Drivers under control, lower insurance)

Maintenance tasks (Timely alerts for specific tasks to be completed) 

Dispatch & Elog capability (Advanced features now available)

Our devices update every single minute, giving your company real-time intelligence about your fleet. The "Work Smart "Reports help make mandated compliance easier for you and your employees. Mandatory e-logging is coming and with our technology, all you and your drivers have to worry about is getting from point A to point B.



Our Dashboard feature consolidates and analyzes these fleet management reports for you. You will be able to easily view and export them at your convenience.  All of our reports can be scheduled to show up on your desk, in your email, or even sent to your phone. Your fleet manager, maintenance crew, and sales team can all be up to date with the latest fleet information without any extra paperwork! This makes for a smooth, efficient workforce ready to dominate your competition.

Powerful, User-friendly technology dedicated to cutting costs and increasing profits!


The Scorecard feature helps to eliminate wasteful fuel usage. By setting parameters on specific driving categories, you are able to monitor which driver is meeting your requirements. Save money right of the bat by lowering your fleets idling time. Watch your profits increase the moment you install our devices!

Incentivize good driving habits while identifying wasteful costs with Smart Path GPS

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