Vehicle Tracking Tools

Nearest Vehicle Tool

One of our vehicle tracking tools allows you pinpoint specific locations and automatically determine which vehicle is closest to that location. It will then send step-by-step directions to that driver. This user-friendly tool enhances customer support tremendously. You will be able to provide extremely accurate information to customers wondering when their shipment or service is arriving. By selecting the nearest vehicle, you are not only getting to your customers faster, but also cutting down on fuel costs!

Improve Customer Service with Smart Path GPS

Destinations Tool

This powerful vehicle tracking tool allows you to input any destination in order to provide the most fuel-efficient route to your drivers. Our software uses Google Maps to provide this cost cutting tool. Do not let your drivers choose the routes they take! Let us help you cut down on out-of-route mileage, and help you save money each and every trip!

Dispatching Tool

This popular vehicle tracking tool makes dispatching your trucks quick and easy. It will take seconds to dispatch drivers to customer locations. Simply select a driver in your database, enter the location, and watch as your driver will be on the move instantly. Your drivers will receive these notifications via their tablet, computer, or smartphone.

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