Increase Productivity

Driver Accoutablility

With our easily viewable reports you will be able to improve your driver's everyday efficiency and productivity.

Accurate ETAs

Provide accurate arrival times to customers which will also greatly improve effeciency of everyday operations.

Improve Internal Communicate

Make the flow of information for your day to day operation both fluid and efficient. Take advantage of our vehicle tracking benefits!

Decrease Operational Costs

Decrease Fuel Costs

Monitor and eliminate costly driving habits in order to get the most out of your fleet. Vehicle tracking benefits both your company and employees!

Decrease Labor Costs

Every minute of the day counts! Our Time Card feature will accurately record idling, driving time, and total hours each and every day.

Decrease Wear & Tear

Receive alerts when your most important assets need maintenance check-ups. Your vehicles will spend more time on the road and less time in the shop.

Obtain Ease of Mind

24/7 Live-Tracking

Real-time access to this powerful software from any device. Never have to worry about your vehicles or employees again!


Recieve alerts if your vehicle ever leaves a selected geofence. Whether it is your warehouse or an employee's driveway, never lose sleep wondering about the location of your vehicle.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Our hassel-free reports generate everything you need to stay on top of government mandated requirements, including the ELD Mandate!

Strengthen Customer Service

Provide Accurate Info

The more accurate information you know about your drivers and vehicles, the better suited you are to answer your customers questions.

Competitive Advantage

Fly past your competition who doesn't use Smart Path GPS. Your customers will love the reliable, trustworthy information you provide them.

Quick Dispatch

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly and efficiently dispatching your vehicles to clients at a moments notice.

Improve Driver Saftey

Monitor Speeding

Receive alerts when your drivers go over the speed limit. This will promote safer driver habits as well as help you to contest incorrect speeding tickets.

Reward Drivers

You will be able to reward drivers that are meeting thier required goals. This will help improve driving habits and decrease the chance of accidents.

Location Services

Be able to respond quickly to an accident, since you will always know the exact location of all your vehicles.