Forward thinking companies that have vehicles on the road are always looking to cut operational costs. The first step in this process is to identify the major sources of these operating costs. The charts below show the total average marginal cost of man/vehicle time per hour from 2008-2014, as well as an annual breakdown of these costs.

Smart Path GPS will enable your team to significantly lower three of the major sources of costs in your operation: Fuel, Labor, and Maintenance. 

Average Marginal Costs per hour (2008-2014)

Source: American Transportation Research Institute

Decrease Fuel Costs

Our software will enable your team to immediately identify wasteful idling events. Drivers will be properly trained to keep this activity to a minimum. A well run fleet should only be idling a maximum of 10% of engine run time and our customers have told us that when they first installed Smart Path GPS they were able to identify vehicles idling 25% or more! This wasteful expense is now eliminated!

Along with correcting wasteful driving habits, our Smart Path GPS Dispatch Suite enables your company to dispatch and route your vehicles in the most fuel efficient and time efficient manner. This will also cut down on fuel and labor expenses, further lowering your operational costs!

In 2014 companies spent over $60 per vehicle per hour in operating costs,

Smart Path GPS gives your the ability to monitor those valuable assets for less than $1 per day!

Decrease Labor Costs

Our easily accessible tools enables your team to monitor the specific activity of your drivers throughout the day (reporting every minute). Every minute of productivity counts when you are investing over $60 an hour per vehicle (see chart above). Smart Path GPS ensures that you're getting the best return on your investment!

Reports such as Stops, Trips, Speeding, Time Card, and many others will give your operation the tools needed to maximize fleet wide productivity.

Here is an example of our Time Card Report. Notice how it highlights the time and location where each truck started and completed each day. Also included in this report is Total Miles which is broken down into Driving, Idling, Stopped and Total Hours in the vehicle. 

Sample Time Card Report (Single Day)

Smart Path GPS Alleviates Payroll Stress

Information is truly power when it comes to managing your fleet!

Decrease Maintenance & Repair Costs

Staying on top of routine maintenance will lower the risk of surprise events occurring and keep costs under control. Our software will alert the appropriate persons on your team when an activity is scheduled. Scheduled maintenance can be set up based on time, date, or miles driven to make the task that much easier. Just another way to monitor your operational costs!

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