Smart Path GPS encourages all our customers to help improve driver safety. Through our software you will be able to monitor excessive speeding incidents, review overall driver habits, and locate drivers in case of an emergency.

Our Scorecard feature will give you the power to identify both wasteful and cost-efficient driving habits for each of your vehicles. All of our features are aimed to lower costs, but more importantly keep your drivers safe and on the road. 

Monitor Speeding

You will be able to receive alerts for drivers that are speeding. By monitoring speeding events you will be able to reduce the risks of accidents, in doing so you will increase driver safety as well as lower repair costs. These speeding reports will also give you a tool to accurately contest incorrect speeding violations, which will also help you save money.


Check out our Pricing page to view an additional Speeding Suite upgrade. This upgrade will give you the power to view every single posted speed limit!

Promote Safter Driving Habits with Smart Path GPS!

Reward Drivers

By incentivizing good driving habits, you promote a company atmosphere of safe, cost-cutting drivers. Reward your drivers who continually reach the goals you set in our Dashboard feature, and watch as your fuel costs decline and worker productivity shoots through the roof! Keep your drivers safe and on the road.

Smart Path GPS has a Scorecard feature that will be able to grade your drivers based on parameters you set. This powerful information will lead to increased profits!

Improve driver safety

Location Services

If anything should happen to a driver or a vehicle you will know immediately. You will also be able to pinpoint the exact location for reference. The ability to instantly know the exact location of your vehicle will save you valuable time. Smart Path GPS uses Google Maps to give you the best location services possible!

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