Smart Path GPS provides software that combines powerful tools with user-friendly interface so that you can get the most out of your workers and vehicles!

Let Smart Path GPS help you to grow your business by increasing individual driver accountability, providing you and your customers with accurate ETAs, and improving internal communication within your company.

Driver Accountability

Our easily viewable and ready-to-use reports take excuses out of the equation. You can view and correct wasteful driving habits with statistical evidence. You can reward drivers who meet and exceed specific goals. Incentivize your drivers to perform at maximum efficiency and watch your company's fleet productivity skyrocket!

Improve Fleet Productivity

These reports will tell you where, when, and how long your vehicles stop, as well as how long they have been idling for. Increase fleet productivity by making sure your drivers are not wasting valuable time and fuel while they are following their schedules.

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Accurate ETAs

Our software, with its wide variety of tools, will help to increase the accuracy of arrival and departure times. The more precise information you have at your disposal, the more efficiently you can plan out the day to day itinerary for your company. You will never have to wonder where your vehicles are ever again!

Our customers have used this information to build a trustworthy and lasting relationship with their valued clients. With Smart Path GPS you be able to provide up-to-date location of your drivers along with reliable time of arrivals. Our software uses Google Maps to insure you have the most powerful tracking information on the market. Ease of mind and total control is priceless!

fleet productivity

Improve Internal Communication

With Smart Path GPS you can control the accessibility to reports, alerts, or dispatching. Through granting employees specific access to specific tools of our system you improve worker productivity. The flow of information in your company will be fluid and efficient! Allocating responsibility so that the appropriate people view the necessary information will save both time and money.

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