What Is the WEX Fuel Card?

By using this card, you will no longer have to monitor cash, reimburse drivers, or hand your business credit card over to employees. Your drivers will be able to use this card at over 90% of fuel stations across the country, as well as receive a 3¢ rebate on each gallon of gas. Every penny matters! This fuel card will monitor your drivers spending, so you don't have to. Let us help you eliminate paperwork and make the accounting process easier!

WEX Fuel Card Advantages

Easily view and track your drivers spending. This fuel card works for all vehicles in any fleet. This card also integrates with Smart Path GPS vehicle tracking software to give you yet another tool to lower your operational costs!

Fuel Up Anywhere

With over 90% of fueling stations accepting the WEX fuel card, your drivers will be able to use it practically anywhere in the country!

Real-Time Reporting

Easily view your drivers fuel and service spending in real-time or receive scheduled monthly reports.

Receive Fuel Rebates

Save money by fueling up at the lowest priced station on the WEX network and receive an additional 3¢ off per gallon with rebates.

Enhanced Purchasing Security

Easily track unauthorized spending and deactivate lost/stolen cards with driver identifications numbers.

Flexible Payments

Pay in full or carry a balance if cash flow is tight. The WEX fuel card offers a flexible 26-day payment term.

Online Access

Quickly activate/deactivate cards, edit card controls, pay online, and view previous invoices.

WEX Mobile App

The WEX Connect mobile application helps your drivers find fuel and service stations across the country. WEX Connect also provides them with fuel prices based on actual fuel station data — another tool to lower costs and increase profits.