Revolutionize your business operations with Smart Path GPS!

Smart Path Telematics Dashboard

Real-Time Telematics

Fleet Tracking

Optimize your fleet’s productivity through our easy installation tracking devices. Data is changing how we manage costs, driver safety, and daily operations. Get a leg up on your competition!


  • Use both cellular connectivity and GPS to track vehicle diagnostics creating an essential link between you and your on-road assets.
  • Accelerometer to detect all events during driving and idling.
  • Create geofences, job orders, bespoke reports, and even communicate with your drivers directly from our dashboard.
  • Fully integrated with our Smart Path GPS dashboards and reporting tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Dash Cams

Advanced technology is here and improving every day. Let Smart Path GPS equip you with the latest innovations to empower your drivers and fleet managers. Dash cameras provide an extra set of eyes that improve driver safety while protecting against false claims. Protect your drivers and your company earnings!


  • Our Dash Cams use AI and machine learning to create a new standard for safe driving.
  • Protecting against false claims has helped our partners save thousands each and every year.
  • Distracted drivers, intersections, speeding and following distance are all captured via our easily installed device
  • Safety scorecards, trend analysis, and coaching tools all provide in-depth analysis on your employees and potential risks they run into.

Best-in-Class Asset Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Maintain peace of mind while your assets are deployed, stationary or in route. Smart Path GPS uses the latest network technology to provide insights into your most valuable property . Spend more time creating value for your customers and less time worrying about your assets!


  • Easy installation, best-in-class durability and longevity.
  • Compact, sensitive GPS and cellular connectivity provide real-time insight into the health of your assets.
  • Weatherproof, motion detection, long battery life, and temperature gages are all built into our devices.
  • Fully integrated with our Smart Path GPS dashboards and reporting tools.

Standard Setting Compliance Maintenance

Electronic Logging Devices

Smart Path GPS provides driver-friendly, market-leading ELDs to meet your every needs. Our ELD devices have an in-cab tablet which has proven to be more reliable than standard Bluetooth connections. Our easy to use and clean interface will give your drives more time and energy to focus on the task at hand!


  • Easy adoption and driver-friendly interface.
  • Tablet connected to vehicle. No need to worry about Bluetooth!
  • Quick updates for additional tax reporting and safety tools.
  • Secure, reliable, accurate: automatically collects and transmits data securely
  • All-in-one solution: makes managing your operation from end-to-end easy
  • One low monthly fee to meet all your compliance needs!
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Our partners have recently found that using Smart Path GPS Dash Cams will not only decrease high-risk driver behaviors but also save thousands by using the video to defend against false claims!