About Us

Why Smart Path GPS?

Smart Path GPS is a leading national supplier of low cost, high value GPS Solutions . We provide cost effective vehicle tracking and reporting for fleets of all sizes in all industries from all over the USA.  Our unique and substantial offering of no contracts and free devices ensures our customers not only receive the very best value in vehicle tracking software, but it also guarantees them outstanding day to day service and care from our dedicated team of professionals. 

Our focus is simple:  

Help every business maximize the productivity and return on investment for their most important asset -  which is their fleet of drivers and vehicles on the road everyday serving valuable customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How can you give away devices for free with no contract?

    • We believe that if you give customers outstanding service at a fair price, there is no need to tie them down with burdensome contracts.  The simple truth is customers stay with our service because we offer the finest overall value and personalized service in the industry.  At Smart Path GPS we take great pride in our first-class customer service and tech support.

  2.  How do I save money with Smart Path GPS?

    • Reduce fuel expense - Our powerful software will give you access to a wide range of data. You will be able to see the idling time of each of your vehicles. Lowering excessive idling is a significant cost cutting method. A well managed fleet should not be idling more than 10% of engine run time. After our service is installed customers tell us they witness 25% or more for their vehicles. One hour of idling equals about a gallon of fuel so by eliminating this needless waste, you immediately save your company money. 

    • Lower maintenance & operational costs - Our alert system will notify you when certain maintenance check ups are due. You will have the ability to stay on top of needed vehicle tasks so large expenses don't occur due to poor maintenance records. Our service helps you keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop.

    • Controlling labor costs - Many companies are paying over $50 per hour for man/vehicle time. GPS vehicle tracking enables you to specifically monitor this large expense each and every minute so you can gain the maximum productivity for your investment. Tracking vehicle trips, stops, customer arrival/ departure times, routes, hours spent in vehicle and speeding all add up to enabling you to gain maximum efficiency each day. 

  3. I run a busy operation and don't have time to sit at a computer all day and watch trucks on screen. Do I really need it?

    • We understand you're busy, that is why we made our "Work Smart" reports easily accessible and exportable. The important information you want to see will show up when you want it (daily, weekly, monthly) in the format you want (Xcel, CSV, PDF etc), and wherever you want (desktop, tablet, smartphone).  

    • Managing a busy operation is now easier than ever! State Mileage, Time Card, and other reports can now be compiled simply and completed in minutes. With Smart Path GPS you do not have to work harder, you simply work smarter!

  4. What about Elogs and Compliance?

    • Smart Path GPS is on top of all federal regulations so switching to another provider to be ELD compliant will be unnecessary. We will always make sure your company is provided software that will be up-to-date with the most recent federal regulations. Ask our sales representative how to get started with an electronic logging device today!

  5.  How do we get started?

    • All we require is first and last month of service along with $25 activation fee. We will ship devices with simple installation instructions, email you log in credentials, and arrange any needed training for your team. Schedule a free online demonstration of our vehicle tracking devices!

    • If you require our professional installation services we will coordinate that too (additional fee required). 

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