Free Vehicle Tracking Devices

vehicle tracking device (3-wire)

Wired Device

The LMU-2630 vehicle tracking device offers cutting-edge technology including a 3-axis accelerometer for measuring driver behavior and vehicle impacts while integrating with Smart Path GPS's powerful software.

vehicle tracking device (plug-in)

Plug-in Device

The LMU-3030 is the perfect vehicle tracking device for your fleet management solution. This powerful device integrates with our unique, industry-leading software to help you control your fleet and manage driver behavior. OBD-II port is required.

Trailer/Asset Tracking

trailer tracking device (vehicle tracking device)

Trailer Tracking

The TTU-2830 weatherproof trailer tracking product is designed for reliable, long-term deployments. The TTU-2830's rechargeable battery pack makes it an ideal solution for managing recreational vehicles or outdoor assets.

electronic logging device (Smart Path GPS)

Connected to ECM (ELD Compliant)

The LMU-4225 supports a wide range of wireless connection options and comes equipped with either light or heavy duty vehicle interfaces. The LMU-4225's expandability and flexibility are key to lowering the cost of delivering, supporting, and growing fleet management solutions.

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ELD Tablet

electronic logging device (electronic logging tablet) HOS reporting

ELD Tablet

The MDT-7p will be able to integrate with Smart Path GPS's powerful software and deliver our vehicle tracking features anywhere, anytime. This tablet will connect to Smart Path GPS's other LMU products either through a wired serial cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth or WiFi technologies. The MDT-7p is ideally suited to deliver value-added applications to long-haul trucking, local fleet, and asset delivery companies across the country! Use Smart Path GPS to stay FMCSA compliant and ahead of your competition!

Premium Features

Posted Speed Limits
With this advanced add-on you will be able to see every single posted speed limit on every road your drivers take. Battle incorect speeding tickets and correct wasteful driver behavior!
Advanced Dispatching Suite
In our Advanced Dispatching Suite you will be able to set up daily, weekly, or monthly itineraries for your drivers. These will be sent right to thier smartphone or tablet at the start of the day!
Additional Temperature Sensor
If you carry refridgerated vehicles, then our add on temperature sensor will notify and record the temperature in you vehicle. Stay on top of your most important assets like never before!